Redina Hembree, Certified Home Stager with Style!


Here is where my story begins!

I began surfing real estate websites when I decided to purchase my first home.  I found a place I wanted to visit so I called my realtor to schedule a viewing.  When we arrived she informed me the owner had already moved out.  This brought a smile to my face, because I thought "Wow I get to see the space without the clutter and broken furniture left behind that was shown in the online pictures".

When she opened the door to my surprise the home looked exactly the way it was posted on the website.  I asked if the owner was told to clean the home prior to the showing, she smiled and said Yes!  At that moment I realized I found my calling for helping people while using my artistic talent and creative flare to stage homes.  Home staging can be like a puzzle to solve and I fit the pieces in the right places and when it's done, I have created magic!

In the begining I thought home staging was about moving the furniture around the room, then I realized it was more about creating new energy flow thoughout the home to get it sold.  It's also about helping people get over the things they fear, the unknown regarding change and new beginnings.  

Many have told me that with my help they love what their home became and they enjoyed the new flow.  I began to realize I am assisting people on their journey to the next phase of their life, I have become a space therapist.  And many liked the tools and systems I gave them to discard items they no longer wanted or needed.  My favorite part of their story is how I managed to bring out their creative side, some even called it "doing a Redina"!

Here are some of my drawings demonstrating my creative side.