Redina Hembree, Certified Home Stager with Style!

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Here is where my story begins!

I began surfing real estate websites when I decided to purchase my first home.  I found a place I wanted to visit so I called my realtor to schedule a viewing.  When we arrived she informed me the owner had already moved out.  This brought a smile to my face, because I thought "Wow I get to see the space without the clutter and broken furniture left behind that was shown in the online pictures".

When she opened the door to my surprise the home looked exactly the way it was posted online.  I asked if the owner was told to clean the home prior to the showing, she smiled and said Yes!  At that moment like many home buyers I began to disconnect from the idea of purchasing the home.  Because of this experience a new chapter in my life began, the desire to help others through home staging.  

I began questioning what I wanted to do different in my life and how going forward I want to use the gifts God had given me.   So I began taking step to transition from an accountant of over twenty years to home design.  I realized something I had taken for granted, I was already using my artistic talent and creative flare for friends, family and colleague and they were all so impressed with the transformation I created in their homes and other spaces.  

The best part of my story I was using the furniture, accessories and other items they already had in their home.  What did I see that they didn't; I saw the possibilties of helping others on their journey to new beginnings.  This has always been my passion and I love doing it!

So I signed up for a course in home staging and completed it with honors!  Much like everything I do I put my heart and soul into it.  This was also true for the completion of my Visual Art Degree which I also completed with honors that I received a few years prior.  It's always amazing how your true gifts come out when you do something you really love and for me being that artist I have been all my life finally emerged and now I was going to be able to truly help people using my talent.

Here is some food for thought, home staging is not about moving furniture around it's about creating new energy flow and I hope you consider me as your space therapist who can help you with your needs of redesigning your space or looking to sell your home quickly!

Here are some of my art pieces and I hope you feel my love!